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InventHelp is Launching a Crowdfunding Site Just for Inventors

Inventor service company InventHelp just announced the creation of a crowdfunding site for inventors,, due to launch in fall 2015.

FundAnIdea will be a traditional crowdfunding platform where inventors can post campaigns to raise money to bring their idea to reality. Inventors will build a campaign with videos, images and other features to showcase their idea. InventHelp hopes to offer a unique service to inventors who use the new platform by providing resources and facilitating their interaction with manufacturing, marketing and licensing companies if the idea is fully funded.

“Inventors are now realizing that crowdfunding is another option to assist in the creation of their idea, even if they lack the funds to do it on their own,”said Robert Susa, President of InventHelp in a press release. “The biggest problem for crowdfunders right now is they may be unsure how to utilize their funds to create their product or service after their campaigns are fully funded. InventHelp has the resources to assist them.”

InventHelp hopes their assistance with FundAnIdea inventors will help increase the success rates of campaigns by offering advice and assistance on planning and production. They intend to offer services a la carte, including graphic design, social media management, video production and assistance with provisional patents.

(George Foreman, proud InventHelp spokesman.)

“I believe that crowdfunding is going to be the new way companies and individuals will be able to fund anything from your favorite band’s new album to the next smart watch,” said Susa. “InventHelp’s mission is to help everyday inventors, and crowdfunding corresponds with our company vision. We are very excited to start this new journey with inventors and crowdfunding donors alike.”

According to the press release, FundAnIdea will be the first crowdfunding platform to offer rewards and equity based funding together. The rewards-based projects will offer incentives for backers to donate to the idea, while the equity-based projects will allow backers a share in the profits if the invention goes to market. The equity-based campaigns will be supported by Bankroll.Ventures under the supervision of attorney Kendall Almerico, and backed by a licensed broker-dealer.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, InventHelp has been helping inventors move their ideas to industry since 1984. FundAnIdea is the next step in the process.

- Courtney Danyel


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